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From the earth.
For the earth.

Our actions matter. We’ve known this since day one. The ingredients we choose, the suppliers we know, the ways in which we operate can be a force for change. Caring for the planet is baked throughout our company. Our impact has to be good, or nothing at all.

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We are a B Corp

To be a B Corp you have to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. B Corps are known to use their profits and growth for good, and that about sums up our purpose at MadeGood. At every step, we’re redefining what business looks like by counting the planet in on every decision we make.

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We are committed to Zero Waste

Riverside Naturals is proud to be a TRUE Zero Waste certified. We strive to ensure that almost all of our waste is either reused, recycled, composted, or recovered for use in nature and contribute towards a more circular economy.

The TRUE Zero Waste certification is a rigorous process. Each year we submit 12 months of data to the Green Business Certification Inc., a global, third-party credentialing body, for scientific evaluation. As we expand our facility footprint and grow our organization, we will be seeking to achieve new certifications while leveling up our previously achieved ones.

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Fighting climate change is our responsibility

Reducing GHG emissions in line with the climate science is required to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Science-based targets provide a clearly defined pathway for companies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, helping prevent the worst impacts of climate change and future-proof business growth.

We have committed to work towards reducing our Scope 1 and 2 emissions in line with the target set, to measure, disclose, and reduce scope 3 emissions and publicly report our company wide GHG emissions on an annual basis. We commit to reduce absolute scope 1 and scope 2 GHG emissions 42% by 2030 from a 2020 base-year, and to measure and reduce our scope 3 emissions.

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At Riverside, we’re in this together.
Seeing that one good action inspires the next and the next.

We’re about

We bring compassion to work every day. It comes through in our culture, our Core Values, and our celebrations.

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