We are our Core Values

We are our
Core Values.

At Riverside we all believe in our Core Values. Everyday we practice teamwork, ownership, respect, humility, adaptability, passion, and of course fun. This is what makes us a family company.

Riverside began when Nima, one of the founders, couldn't find a tasty, healthy, snack that was also safe for school for his son. So he teamed up with his siblings to launch MADEGOOD.

Our Team

Today at Riverside, we are over four hundred employees. We come together around our Core Values, knowing that simple snacks can make a world of difference.

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The team

“We want our workplace to be fun and our work to be meaningful for everyone. ”

- Justin Fluit

by Nature

The founding model for success at Riverside is based on the Flywheel, where one action spurs the next, building continual momentum with little resistance. With the Flywheel as our foundation, we all drive Riverside's business to fuel our purpose; to inspire a more compassionate, healthier world into the future. Like a flywheel we work together to generate momentum, because we’re always on, planning ahead, building off one another. As success grows, so does the momentum.

How It works


We are inspired to create amazing products


Consumers recognize quality and great taste, they become loyal fans


Retailers take note of an increase in sales and champion our products


Profits are used to fuel innovations in sustainability and community initiatives

Return to Employees

We are further encouraged to create more amazing products

Map of the world

At home around the world.

Always growing, we proudly operate around the globe.

Where We Operate
Our People

Our People

Our Brands

Our Brands