Riverside becomes a Future Fit Pioneer to transform the way we do business.

March 22, 2021

A wealth of literature already exists on how our economic system has to change to mitigate the effects of climate change and stop the degradation of the natural world. But companies and investors are struggling to make sense of what it all means for them. That’s where Future Fit comes in. They collate and curate the most credible and robust third-party resources into one unified self-assessment tool – the Future-Fit Business Benchmark – that any business can use to guide, measure and report on real progress. So that any company can be made fit for the future.

Future Fit’s Break-Even Goals collectively represent the line in the sand every business has to reach in order to usher in a Future-Fit Society.

Future Fit Vision

Their vision is a Future-Fit Society – one which protects the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever, by being environmentally restorative, socially just and economically inclusive. Given where we are today, this vision can only be realised through a rapid and radical shift in the way our economy works.

Future Fit Mission

Their mission is to catalyze this shift – by translating systems science into practical free-to-use tools designed to help business leaders, investors and policy makers respond effectively to today’s biggest challenges.

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is a free open-source tool grounded in systems science, and is designed to help companies assess where they are relative to necessary levels of environmental and social performance. The Benchmark includes an Action Guide and Methodology Guide that outline categories of positive environmental and social impacts and help companies articulate and quantify their unique contributions in a consistent framing (Positive Pursuits). It also describes areas of environmental and social footprint that represent risk areas to businesses and external stakeholders until they are addressed (Break-Even Goals). The Benchmark guidance also aligns with the UN SDGs. By using Future-Fit's guidance and metrics, companies can clearly understand and credibly communicate their contribution to the SDGs.

In an ever-more complex and uncertain world, yesterday’s business models are no longer fit for purpose. Leading companies know we must find new ways to create value for ourselves and society – but charting a path to success is not easy. The Future-Fit Business Benchmark can guide us on our journey. A wide range of businesses, from start-ups to global corporations and investors, are using the Future-Fit Business Benchmark to chart a path to success in an ever-more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world to align our success with that of society.

An Expert Council of academic and business specialists contribute to their work, and a Development Council of companies and investors stress-test and propose changes to the Benchmark, so it continues to be useful and usable.


Riverside has joined Future Fit as a Pioneer. Pioneers are companies and investors who have publicly declared their ambition to become Future-Fit. Green washing and platitudes won’t get the world where it needs to go. This declaration sets us up as a company that can deliver on its purpose in a way that doesn’t cause harm to the planet or society. Which means we have to transform ourselves to become environmentally regenerative, socially just and economically inclusive.

Not only do we have to head for the right destination but we must light the way for others to follow by talking about our progress every year. We know that true leadership is not about being in the lead: it’s about heading for the right destination and lighting the way for others to follow.

This is going to take many years and, like any pioneer, we don’t know what challenges we will face. But we have started the journey and are prepared to play our part in transforming business so that society is to flourish in the 21st Century.

We invite you to join us on our journey and, perhaps, begin one of your own.

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